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Friday, 28 November 2008

"A sketch is better than a long speech." - Great graphics on CO2 emission -Best Bookmarks - The CO2 benchmark

"Un croquis vaut mieux qu’un long discours."Fr., "A sketch is better than a long speech." Attributed to -Napoleon

May I suggest that the more important the issue, the more important the role of the sketch, the image or the photo.

The Financial Times in declaring: "Climate change – and its wider impact – is incontestably the most important issue facing mankind today – and tomorrow, too. It affects all people, regardless of nationality, faith or colour. In the first of a three part series Financial Times looks at the science of climate change-link html.", certainly appears to have mastered the art demonstrating this by a great piece of attractive easy to read mouse-over graphics under their title:

Mapping carbon dioxide emissions
Published in FT : September 11 2008 16:13.
A geographical and US state-by-state snapshot of carbon dioxide emissions and a timeline of major events in climate change negotiations.

It is a very handy tool and well worth bookmarking.


1. Financial Times looks at the science of climate change-link html.

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