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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A MUST READ:Roadmaps in Science and Development -Energy Policy - The National Academies-The Royal Society of London

FEAR IS A BAD COUNCILLOR! - Open for discussion.

Don't ask me why I did not write on this (these) great resource(s) provided by our, National Academies and Royal Societies, truly indispensable lighthouses of scientific endeavour.

Perhaps it's because of their greatness, of their immense contribution as individual National Academies and their legendary, healthy, competitive spirit as in Great Britain (The Royal Society) and France (L'Academie des Sciences). Perhaps too, this frightens lessor beingings!

More and more, we can expect their united concerned voices and their combined influence on global issues be heard, especially on issues which threaten to endanger the planet and human life on it, such is the exponential increase in mankinds technological "development". The best known examples are Nuclear Power and most recently the inter-acting issues of Energy and Climate Change. cf other sources 3 & 4 below.

I do not intend to write about the historical origins as such but to introduce probably the oldest and arguably the most famous and independent scientific body- The Royal Society of London which has a history covering 350 years, in her own words:

"The history of science since 1660 is closely intertwined with the story of the Royal Society."

On the contrary I would like to underline their power of vision and foresight by referring to some of their publications which in many respects may be looked-upon as true road-maps. It is perhaps a truism to say that "all serious foresight must be based on science and the scientific method and once the direction traced, must be periodically reviewed against the latest findings and corrected as necessary in appropriate feedback loops tending ever towards a common aim." That of human enlightenment, " I believe.

The first publication I wish to present is Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A (Phil Trans R Soc A.) Phil Trans is the oldest scientific journal in the english speaking world after the French Journal des sçavans. Phil Trans is still published today, making it the world's longest running scientific journal and as such is the oldest scientific journal.

I have chosen to present in this blog the special proceeding of the conference "Energy for the Future" for it's relevance to current preoccupations on energy and climate fuelling current economic crises under a "smoke screen" of our financial system, the highly visible part of the, unfortunately non-proverbial, "fast melting iceberg"! (cf. stop press Ref. 5 below)

In the right hand side vertical bar the corresponding feed is listed and by clicking on the Phil. Trans R. Soc. A journal cover image the reader is directed to the site original R Soc. page and web.

Phil Trans R Soc A covers Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering all tool to under-pin the foresight map.

However even in this short introduction to the Royal Society Proceedings the full width and depth of their intervention must be mentioned. To quote the Society:

"Topical issues on which the Royal Society has conducted a study, issued a science brief, held a meeting, issued a press release..." are give in the link 2. below

Other Sources:

1. History Time line for The Royal Society
Wikipedia -Philosophical_Transactions of the Royal Society

2. Topical issues on which the Royal Society has conducted a study, issued a science brief, held a meeting, issued a press release.

3. A Joint Statement on Climate Change - summary

4. Full statement : 2008 Joint science academies' statement: Climate change adaptation and the transition of a low carbon society

5 Stop-press-"Melting ice now main driver of rising sea levels: study" from AFP