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I am an honours graduate (BSc. Hons. Strath-Glasgow) coupled with an MBA-ICG (Paris) , experienced, Metallurgist - Materials Scientist and Engineer & Manager turned Consultant & Blogger. I specialised in Superalloys (aero-engine_Seminal Work peer reviewed & published IOM3_MST, Feb.1985, the 2nd issue of this now well known journal dedicated to the fundamental aspects in our multidisciplinary subject area ) My experience over a wide range of Special Alloys is extensive. (Cryogenic,Controlled Expansion-Dilatometric,Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant Grades and finally HSLA-Aircraft Undercarriage. (Great Stuff-I was lucky) My responibilities were especially in Melting & Refining to 1st Forming stage. Responsibilities include QC,QA & Accounting, Melt/Remelt Process  & Products, R&D.  Bilingual English-French. 
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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sustainability Management Academics & Sage's Journal "Organization & Environment"

Getting to grips with Environmental Impact is by Nature, (with a capital N) a truely millenium challenge this is the place to post. (Note in passing the incredible foresight of the MacMillan brothers when they created in 1860 their now famous Science Journal Nature-Timeline)

As the 2nd issue in 2013 of Sage's Journal Organization & Environment has just arrived in my mail in box, I will share the freely available content with my regular management blog readers at "This-Above-All."

Here is the Editorial address of this years 2nd issue addressing Academics in these fields
Sustainability Management Academics