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Saturday, 23 October 2010

1st Basic Rule of Good Management, Leadership must have credibility.

1st Basic Rule of Good_Management: GOOD LEADERSHIP NEEDS CREDIBILITY: "Walk the Talk, Time Gentlemen Please!*

If the talk is all about austerity and the in thing is budget restrictions, it is not to say that our ministers happily apply the famous principle: "Do as I say, not what I do.
"Despite the crisis, therefore, the executive members have some difficulty in giving the facilities offered to them by the Republic. Spending it is difficult to know, as if he was still indecent to demand accountability on the use of public money.

Journalists break their teeth on these issues. But politicians, (as peers) and as part of their function (Job Specification) have proceedures which allows them  to seek clarification. Of the thousands of French parliamentarians, there is one, Rene Dosière, who decided to use the powers that are given by its function. This member of parliament (related to the Socialist Party) for the Deprtment of Aisne has been for some years now the expert on these sensitive issues which anger the executive.

The two appartments of Mr. Estrosi, Minister for Industry.

An executive who is obliged to provide answers to the "honorable" member. Even if these responses are sometimes slow to come (a few weeks to a few years ...!) And sometimes intentionally inaccurate or incomplete. Even inaccurate.

Take for example the question asked in late May on staff accommodation attributed to the ministers and state secretaries. The answer appears to be exhaustive, however  the response concerning Mr Christian Estrosi (Industry) appears only one mention to his apartment in the rue de Lille, while he himself admitted to benefitting from two staff houses, one where he lives, rue de Lille, the other at Bercy, he "used the latter when he ended his days work." Paris is a big city ...

Answers to take with some relative distance, but which nevertheless give a reasonable idea of the volume and use of public subsidies for those who are responsible.

Un-necessary work programmed on Residence formally attached to Matignon  annexed  by President Sarkozy and the work envisaged billed to Matignon (Prime Minister Fillon's allocated budget)

We learn for example that French President M. Nicolas Sarkozy, not content to attach the residence of the Lantern (an annex of the Palace of Versailles with gilding, paintings by masters and park but also with a pool and tennis), vested up Prime Minister in 2007, did a cost of "adjustments." Work that has not really started yet the budget of the Elysee (110 million) since they were essentially supported the President's request, by Matignon, for the modest sum of 390,000 euros over three years. A sum which, unlike the work done at the Elysee Palace may not have intended to "improve working conditions" of staff, since it is only a secondary residence.
80 000 euros of private aircraft for the Ministry of Culture

We also learn that our President is not alone in having a taste for travel. Take for example the Ministry of Culture, whose too Parisian side is often a source of criticism from  some ill intentioned spirits.[sarcasm] He, instead, spent lavishly to disseminate knowledge in the provinces and abroad.

In 2009, according to official figures he has just given the "air travel in France, overseas or outside the office of Minister of Culture and Communication" amounted to 403 000 "Taxes".
A sum which includes travel by commercial airliner and those operated with aircraft from the former Glam (now Etec, depending on the Air Force). A fleet that does not seem sufficient to the needs of Culture admits that about 80 000 trips in 'private plane. " Rigor? You said rigour?

*Glossary: Time Gentlemen Please! is the barman's call warning UK Pubs closing The preceding  call is " Last drinks, gentlemen".

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