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Friday, 9 October 2009

Guns germs and steel->Guns, gems, and steel, Guns Minerals-Gems "coal iron and steel" : The Fate(s) of Human Societies_ One Year on

Comments from "marry" leaving links to their student and MBA Dissertation led me to rapidly pull together several posts related to thesis on Coal: power generation, climate change-energy, and recent seminal work by Profs. Jarod Diamond of USA and his the lessor known constructive critic the Dutch Prof. Barendse on the "Fate(s) of Human Societies".

Judging by my previous post, ref. below, giving more weight if necessary to the obvious, ie. that coal as a fuel source is here to stay, as long as reserves last, approximately an estimated 400 years ...

As yet I have not been able to read the paper in Science, ref. previous post, but trust that while I and most EU experts, fully agree with Steven Chu on CCS, carbon capture and sequestration- it's part of a Socolow-Pacala Wedge strategy, n'est ce pas, ie. PRACTISE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY however even this is considered insufficient since the likely numbers of qualified sequestration sites is well below the volumes required to sink the massive amounts of CO2 involved. (references and figures, volumes, numbers, may be found throught my interlinked blog posts.) So other innovative strategies to sequester the huge volumes CO2 equally or more efficiently are required, including obviously, protection of existing and increasing areas of Rainforests in the future (a subprimes problem?).

NB. Remember that today's European Community at peace, still, was underpinned by The European Coal and Steel Community.

Thanks for the prompt, marry.


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